A recent issue of the Handbook of Clinical Neurology focused on the topic of aphasia. The issue was edited by Argye Hillis & Julius Fridriksson and features exciting chapters by many current and former lab members, including:
  • Vascular syndromes: Revisiting classification of poststroke aphasia (Lisa Bunker)
  • Clinical and neuroimaging characteristics of primary progressive aphasia (Donna Tippett & Zafer Keser)
  • The role of disrupted functional connectivity in aphasia (Erin Meier)
  • Noninvasive brain stimulation to augment language therapy for primary progressive aphasia (Shannon Sheppard)
  • Augmenting speech-language therapy with pharmacotherapy in the treatment of aphasia (Melissa Stockbridge)
  • Sign Language aphasia (Emily Goldberg)

  • The Handbook is available now as an eBook and will be available in print in April 2022 (Volume 185).

    Research Highlights

    Escitalopram and Language Intervention for Acute Aphasia

    Examining the added effect of synaptic serotonin on language treatment in stroke recovery

    Longitudinal Imaging of Recovery from Aphasia after Stroke

    Imaging the first year of language recovery after left-hemisphere stroke