Delaney Ubellacker, Research Assistant

Delaney Ubellacker is a research assistant in the S.C.O.R.E Lab. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Cognitive Science and a minor in Linguistics. She has worked on research projects involving language acquisition, lesion and brain structure drawing, and aphasia. Her research interests are language acquisition and recovery.


Meier, E. L., Sheppard, S. M., Goldberg, E. B., Head, C. R., Ubellacker, D. M., Walker, A., & Hillis, A. E. (2020). Naming errors and dysfunctional tissue metrics predict language recovery after acute left hemisphere stroke. Neuropsychologia, 107651.
Stockbridge, M. D., Berube, S., Goldberg, E., Suarez, A., Mace, R., Ubellacker, D., & Hillis, A. E. (2019). Differences in linguistic cohesion within the first year following right-and left-hemisphere lesions. Aphasiology, 1-15.